Investing in the World's Emerging Markets

We’re stock pickers whose specialty is finding notable companies in developing countries.

Rondure Global Advisors scours the world’s emerging markets to identify companies and craft portfolios made up of the next generation of growth companies.

We believe that emerging markets are some of the least efficient stock markets in the world. Inefficiency leads to opportunity.

We offer our strategies through mutual funds and separately managed accounts.


Rondure New World Fund


Separately Managed Accounts

We take a risk-conscious approach to emerging markets.

Our research process tunes out the noise by focusing on companies we believe are among the top in their category.

What makes us different


We stick to inefficient equity markets well-suited to active stock picking.


Our strategies tend to be less correlated to the broader market. We craft differentiated portfolios, unafraid of tilting from generic market indices.


We adhere to a time-tested, repeatable investment approach.


Our investment acumen is backed by an experienced operations team.

My vision was to create a woman-owned firm known for its attractive performance, rigorous research, and unwavering client orientation.

Laura Geritz, CFA

Rondure Founder, Chairwoman & Portfolio Manager

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