Global Approach

We Search the Globe for High-Quality Companies with Long-Term Earnings Growth Potential

Our Strategy

We Strive to Capture Earnings Growth

We seek to outperform by investing in companies whose current valuations understate what we believe to be their long-term earnings growth potential based on our fundamental evaluations. We assess companies for their quality, value and momentum.

The Opportunity

We Believe the Majority of Global Equity Markets is Overlooked

We believe micro to midcap companies are commonly overlooked because their small capitalization makes them uninvestable by Wall Street. Yet these small-cap companies form the largest investable opportunity set globally.

Connecting the Dots

We Evaluate a Company’s Growth Potential Amidst the Global Landscape

With worldwide economic connectedness, we believe the merit of a company must be understood within the global landscape.

Our Focus

At Grandeur Peak, we focus on inefficient markets to find great companies at reasonable valuations and hold them long term while they grow their earnings.

Market Cap

Our Investment Types

We use fundamental analysis to identify high-quality companies for our portfolios.

Best In Class

We believe a Best-in-Class growth company has strong financials, a quality management team, and a sound business model with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Fallen Angel

A Fallen Angel is a high-quality growth company that we believe has hit a temporary setback relative to its long-term growth potential and thus may be trading at an attractive valuation.


A Stalwart is a maturing Best-in-Class company that continues to grow earnings. We seek an appealing valuation relative to the company’s long-term growth potential.

We seek qualities that allow a company to grow and generate high returns on capital.